Biblical Counseling

Scharlee Glenn is a Biblical Counselor and Certified Life & Relationship Coach and she has been investing in people for over 20 years. She has always had a desire to bring a sense of comfort to those around her and her passion is counseling.

She believes counseling based on faith in Jesus can have the most positive life altering impact on someone. As a recipient of counseling herself she knows how difficult it is to be vulnerable with someone but she also knows that the faith based counseling that she had gave her the tools that she needed for the hardest seasons of her life.

Our vision for adulthood often comes with unrealistic expectations. The truth is life is difficult. It’s hard. It’s filled with responsibilities and decisions, and oftentimes heartache and despair. But Scharlee wants her clients to know that their pain and frustration does not have to be the end of their story. She feels the best thing that she can do for her clients is help them to know their worth. And to remind them that their is hope for their future and their life.

There is hope after the death of a loved one. There’s hope for reconciled relationships. And there’s hope for peace after anxiety. She wants to be there to listen, encourage, and reignite their sense of purpose, working together with them to help create a plan that helps to meet the needs of their life. To learn more about Scharlee’s services or connect with her check out her website here.